Name: Jerry Cave
Years with the Irish: 1980,81,82,83
First year in rugby: 1971
Positions: Wing Forward, an extemely good looking Wing Forward
Former Rugby Clubs: Tulane University, American University
Greatest Irish Moment: Telling the club as their President in year 2 that we were elevated to the 1st division ...beating Washington after existing for only 27 months...Basically being the most fun loving club, beating almost everyone with the best comraderie made every moment both real and imagined great! Every party lead by our most incredible song leader (moi) was a 2 hour show of laughter and melody that left our opponents feeling like that had just been beaten by a comedy troupe was an unequaled triumph of human and distilled spirits. It was all great!
Best Irish Story: We travel to Cincinatti Ohio for a Labor Day tourney in 1981 with 17 guys to play local clubs who all brought 2 or 3 sides. It was hot as hell and we won all our games on Saturday including the 3rd that went into 3 overtimes and we're playing 14 on 15 due to injuries. We almost won the championship the next day while listening to the sidelines ask "Who are these guys? they've been on the fieled all day!" It was Homeric but typical of the heart and spirit of the greatest bunch of guys I ever sweated, drank, laughed, sang and bled with.
What makes the Irish different? You make the Irish different. We started a club that we wanted to be competitive on the field but who also loved to drink, party and sing. We had a special comraderie. It didn't make any difference who you were if you were on the team you were one of us. We had characters galore from the high and mighty to the high and loaded, from great player to great singer or both, from white collar to no collar. Everyone was jealous. The most gratifying thing to us old geezers is that you still have that indefinable comraderie and zest for life and the game. It was us that made it different and it is you who make it different.
Favorites: The Quiet Man followed by every movie made by John Ford or starring Errol Flynn then Mel Gibson's Braveheart, The Patriot and of course Gettysburg are my favorites and screw you if they aren't yours too, ya heathen! If you don't love Hank Williams then you ain't shit covers the music category. I read history books by the roomful: Beyond the Beach, Killer Angels, Hans von Lucks WWII memoirs, and Henry Kyd Douglass Civil War memoirs, Trinity (which is why so many of us named our kids Sean, Brendan & Connor).
Favorite Quote(s): "Do you duty in all things. You cannot do more and you should never wish to do less" Robert E. Lee.
"Let's cross over the river and rest beneath the shade of the trees." Stonewall Jackson's last words
"I was driven to my knees (to pray) when I had no where else to go." Abraham Lincoln.
And just about everything Winston Churchill had to say.

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