Name: Don Cotchen
Years with the Irish: 1980-1991
First year in rugby: 1977
Positions: second row- eight
Former Rugby Clubs: American University
Greatest Irish Moment: They were all great Look in the Wall Street Journal circa 1982 for a story on the Washington Irish connection to the U.S. Government sale of F16s to the Saudis. It's a good read.
Best Irish Story: too many to tell- the very first Irish tournament- Hudepol Tournament 1980 Cincinnati Ohio, Our pack showed arrived at 3:00am Saturday, drove from D.C. First game was 9:00am We played five games that weekend. We played in the final with 14 players, everyone was hurt. We lost 6-3 to a beefy Queen City club stack with Subs.
What makes the Irish different? We treated everyone equally. We never had great players, but we had good athletes that stuck together and played as a team. Were were small but we were slow. WIRFC does not put up with big egos and "better than you" attitudes. We take all players and that makes us strong. Screw rugby elitists, no place in sport for that attitude. Please guard this team characteristic. It is our heritage.
Favorites: Shut the TV off and go outside and play. I like all books, and cruise with the Dead,
Favorite Quote(s): "Faugn en belaugh"

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