Name: Pat Martell
Years with the Irish: 1980-1983, First Club President 1980-1981
First year in rugby: 1975
Positions: Fullback
Former Rugby Clubs: AU, Hawaii Harlequins, BATS, Hawaii Harlequins Old Boys Overseas Side (HHOBOS)
Greatest Irish Moment: On field- beating SudAmericano in our first big match on moving to the first division after Year 2 of the Irish. They were a well established first division club with lots of non-US players from the various embassies. We also contesteed them for control of our bar of choice at the time, the Bottom Line, which was part owned by a Sud player, but tended by two Irish. Sud didn't like us for a lot of reasons which they weren't shy about sharing; they talked serious trash as the game approached; and they were crushed to lose to us on the field. Great day for the early Irish.
Off-field: Johnny Braun's bachelor party bus tour of DC's seedier environs.
Best Irish Story: In July 1980, we went to our first big time 7s tournament in Knoxville Tenn.and surprisd a lot of good teams from throughout the South. Lots of "Hey, who are those guys" on the sidelines. At the party, a bunch of rednecks were suspiciously eyeing Ebe, our Iranian center/breakaway, as there were a lot of bad feelings at the time between the US and the Ayotullah in Iran. Someone got the bright idea to announce that Ebe was Mexican; we named him Pepe O'Malley for the rest of the weekend (and later) and all was well. Drove back and forth in Johnny Braun's truck with three of us riding on an old couch in the open back.
What makes the Irish different? We took in everybody who could put up with us; and we had enough good players that those who were not good when they joined got good pretty fast. It was important to the new guys because they wanted to play well with their buds.

I played with a bunch of clubs, and none of them took the fellowship, the partying and the antics as seriously as the Irish. It was important to us to make sure visiting teams had a time they would remember for a long time.

We (most of us anyway) did not take ourselves, or the rugby, too seriously. The game had its place,we gave it our best and played well, but it seemed the party and the shennanigans were the primary focus.
Favorites: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Kingpin (and other stupid movies my wife won't watch) and Mel Gibson movies.

TV: F Troop: "We're the Heckawi"; and the "Burgler-r-r of Bampff-f."

Music: Buster Poindexter, Van Morrison, Stones

Books: Cheasapeake; Body of Lies
Favorite Quote(s): "If you don't ask, you won't get."(me)
"I stink therefore I am." (Tim O'Sullivan, former problem drinker, with his slight twist on Descartes)

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