Washington Irish RFC Annual Awards

Every year, the Irish reflect back on the past year, thank friends, family, sponsors for their continued commitment to the club and most importantly, recognize a select few players for their accomplishments with the Irish: MVP, Most Improved, Club Twit, Newcomer of the Year and Player's Player.


Player's Player: One of the awards that is given out annually is the "Player's Player". Voted on by the club, this is awarded to the individual that most exemplifies what it means to be an Irish Player.  It encompasses both on the field and off the field activities including practice, training and mentorship.


Player's Player: Chris Dunlavey

MVP: Chris Curtin

Most Improved: Eamon El-Sawaf

Newcomer of the Year: Christian Quiros

Club Twit: Dan Fulcoly


Player's Player: Jay Topshe

MVP: Mike Fletcher

Most Improved: Colm Quinn

Newcomer of the Year: Blake Andrews

Club Twit: Jager Hill


Player's Player - Chris Mewett

MVP - Luke Hammock

New Comer of the Year - Mike Fletcher and Bobby Kling

Most Improved - Frank Hollowell

Club Twit - Jager Hill


MVP - Toby Ulm

Players Player - Andrew Exum

Most Improved - Ryan Caldwell

New Comer of the Year - John Kaufman

Club Twit - Joe Edwards


MVP: Hamilton Dawson

Player's Player: Michael Thorpe

New Comer of the Year: Toby Ulm

Most Improved: Keith Henning

Club Twit: Ryan Goicoechea/RTB


MVP: Mark "Marla" Seiss

Newcomer: Hamilton Dawson

Most Improved: Matt Barger

Club Twit: Joe Edwards

Player's Player: Ian Pope