Antonio Rios, Aka Spanish Peacock/Mexican Bob





Winger, outside center


Favorite moments:

Going to Ft Worth TX for Div II Nationals in 2002, after winning the MARFU Championship.

Being named club twit two years in a row.


Successfully organizing the first (and last) Shamrock Sevens tournament.


Classic “Nasty Muzz” moment 1996, at the conclusion of our traditional Christmas dinner/gala at Herb’s in DC. Me, a rookie with the Irish. Muzz, the cocky superstar of the team. Muzz was behaving very belligerently towards the restaurant owner and his staff because we were cutoff from the open bar and asked to leave (in the owner’s defense, it WAS closing time). I approached Muzz in a conciliatory manner, put my hand on his shoulder and said “c’mon Muzz, it’s not worth the treoble, let’s just go to Brothers to continue the party”. Muzz gave a dirty look towards my hand on his shoulder, stared at me right in the face, and said “get your hand off me or I’ll kick your ass. And, who are you anyway? I only talk to players”. Insert Jerry Crute’s best “aaaahhhhhhh….!” moment here.


Worst part was trying to explain to my date that I was really a part of the team, that Muzz was probably too drunk to remember who I was.


There are clubs that only play hard, others that only party hard. We have managed to find a great combination of the two, and go at both with 100% passion and desire.


Favorite Movies:

Ben Hur, Rebel Without a Cause, Highlander, Heat


Favorite TV Show:

Glee; a shocker, I know



Pillars of the earth, ”Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”