Steve "Duma" Johnson


1992 - 2001- 1981



Pack, mostly prop for the Irish, Washington & Lee Screaming Minks, William & Mary, Cleveland RFC, Vandals.


In his own words:

"Playoffs against Brandywine, spring 2000 or 2001, everybody playing their hearts out, pack stopped a series of several quick penalties and rolling mauls, after a great team effort I was named Man of the Match.


Subway, Ft. Lauderdale, Feb. sometime in the late 1990's.  Hilarious!!


Albe breaking his arm and continuing to play against Norfolk.


It snowed a little bit during the 1993 St. Pat's tourney.


I lost Giles in the Cleveland Flats.


My team mate got flung to the ground in a clearly dangerous tackle so I attempted to gently explain to the miscreant why that was wrong (i.e., applying a Patrick logo to his ribs).  Jack Way sin-binned me--Last time I ever defend Slim.~The camaraderie.  There is a different vibe than most other clubs that encompasses much more than just the game on the field.


"Gentlemen, that's PA-TET-TIC" Coach Wilson, 1993 or thereabout "And the best was . . ." J. Crute, all the time"


                                         - Greg Hair